Shade Net
PlusNet has a comprehensive range of agricultural shade netting from 20% to 80% shade, tailored to improve spectral transmittance and provide the optimal lighting and protection for your crop. Our range of attractive and functional decorative shade cloths provide cover for your crops for up to 90% shade and come in a variety of natural colours.
Black - 40
Black - 20
Blue - 80
Desert Storm - 90
Green - 40
Green - 80
Grey - 40
Natural - 20
Silver - 20
Titanium - 40
White - 20
White - 40
Kalahari Sands - 90
Pacific Blue - 90
Safari Green - 90
Forest Green - 90
Advantages of Undercover Fruit Farming
  • Covering orchards with low-percentage shade nets can significantly improve the performance of the orchard / vineyard.
  • Part of the responses can be attributed to the filtering of the light spectrum by the nets, and part is due to physical protection and creating a friendlier micro climate.
  • Improved external fruit quality: less sun burns and wind scars, smoother skin and better colouring.
  • Reduced heat/chill stresses
  • Enhanced photosynthesis
  • Better/less water usage
Hazard Protection:
  • Protection from excessive solar radiation
  • Protection from environmental hazards (wind, hail, sand storms and ice rain)
  • Protection from flying pests (birds, fruit bats and insects)
Disclaimer: Shade netting requirements will depend on plant cultivar, location and climatic conditions in a specific region. Please consult with our team before purchasing to ensure that this product will be suitable for your geographic location




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