Mini Tunnels

Mini Tunnels are the quickest hassle-free infrastructure available when endeavouring to open a micro agricultural business. Net tunnels are the ideal portable, affordable do-it-yourself infrastructure for instant shade for your livestock or small gardening business.

Shade tunnels come in three sizes and are easy to assemble. Each kit comes with a 40% Titanium net only. Other tunnel sizes will be considered based on volumes. The sizes available are:

DescriptionTunnel Tube 7.2m40% Titanium Shade netPoly Wire 2mmLacing Twine
MINI TUNNEL 5M wide X 6M longx 41 x 6m x 7.2m & 2 x 3m x 5m1 x 30m1 x 20m
MINI TUNNEL 5M wide X 10M longx 61 x 10m x 7.2m & 2 x 3m x 5m1 x 40m1 x20m
MINI TUNNEL 5M wide X 12M longx 71 x 12m x 7.2m & 2 x 3m x 5m1 x 40m1 x 20m

Erection Procedure


Step 1

The 600mm y-standards need to be spaced correctly 5m wide x 2m apart in the length of the tunnel. Make sure they-standards face in the right direction and are at least 300mm deep in the ground.


Step 2

Insert one end of tunnel tube over y-standard.


Step 3

Bend it over and insert over the opposite y-standard.


Step 4

Insert the front and back tunnel tube into respective pockets on the net. Repeat step 2 and 3 with net.


Step 5

Insert the poly wire in drawcord or dig a trough and bury the nets. Anchor the front and back tubes with poly wire to y-standards.


Step 6

Sew the 3m x 5m nets with lacing twine on to the front and back of tunnel.

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