Why PlusNet Shade Net is perfect for growing your Apples?

At PlusNet we have the perfect Shade Net for all your growing desires and requirements. Our Shade Nets are perfect for growing Apples and the reasons below will help you see why.

It is extremely important to take location, climate, weather conditions and pests into consideration when planting Apples. For Apple trees to flower they need a long period exposed to low temperatures, ideally below 7°C. However, there are many varieties of Apples, each with its own specific requirements. This means they can be grown in gardens and orchards almost anywhere in the country. In fact, large areas are devoted to commercial apple growing in the Western Cape, Mpumalanga and the Free State. Your local nursery should have the cultivars available for your specific climate.

Direct sunlight, hail, ice rain, frost, high wind speeds, birds, animals and large winged insects are most of the enemies of quality Apple production. PlusNet Shade Nets are perfect to assist with control of these conditions and protection against these enemies for your Apples.


Benefits of PlusNet Shade Net for Apples:

  • PlusNet Shade Net provides various percentages of shade to protects Apples against sun burn which could result in rough skin and dis-coloration of Apples. Less direct sun without losing too much of the natural light distribution under the shade nets will improve the photosynthesis inside your orchard which in turn will improve vegetative growth and fruit production. Some varieties of Apples need more shade than others. Green variety Apples for example needs more shade than red variety Apples. Black shade nets provide more shade than white shade nets for example, thus it is important to choose the best colour of shade net for the cultivar Apples you plan to grow.
  • PlusNet Shade Net provides protection against hail, ice rain and high wind speeds. All of these conditions could result in your Apples having scars and pit marks and in extreme cases even destroy your Apple harvest and damage your trees.
  • PlusNet Shade Net provides a barricade over and around your orchard and thereby protects your Apples from predators such as birds, animals and large winged insects.
  • PlusNet Shade Net assists with temperature and climate control because of the shade and wind protection it provides and also assists with protection against frost.


These are just a few examples of why our PlusNet Shade Net is the perfect netting to use when it comes to growing Apple trees. Contact us today for a quotation to get your Shade Net and start growing. Visit our website for more details on our Shade Nets and other PlusNet products.

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