Why Is Fibre Used in Construction?

There are several types of materials used in building globally. Historically fibre were mostly materials made of straw and horsehair. The need for more durable and sturdy materials increased and this is where newer fibre materials were introduced because of their capacity to endure a variety of exterior factors.

Concrete is used as a building material in construction. Fibre is used to reinforce the concrete material. These materials are combined to increase strength and durability of the concrete constructed. Fibres in concrete assist to boost structural integrity which makes the difference between concrete without reinforcement and concrete that is reinforced with fibre.

Advantages of using fibre with other construction materials such as concrete are:

  • Enhanced traits and qualities of the construction material such as ductility, rigidity, durability, hardness, and strength.
  • Increased stability of the building material.
  • Enhanced thermal performance, temperature management, and operation.
  • Creates a lighter substance as a result of decreased weight and density through the use of fibres.
  • Help to prevent swelling, shrinking, spalling, and cracking of building materials such as the concrete used in the project
  • Decreased maintenance and labour expenses because of the enhanced quality that the fibre provides the concrete.


These are just a few of the many advantages that fibres have when combined with concrete. There are a lot of different types of fibres used in construction. At PlusNet we provide Geotex fibre materials constructed of polypropylene in the highest quality to ensure durability and strength when used with materials such as concrete.

We understand that construction and building projects must adhere to certain durability standards to ensure long-term stability. Our Geotex fibres are specially designed to enhance your project in the best possible way.

Contact us at PlusNet for more information on how our Geotex fibres can be used combined with concrete to help you create a sturdy and reliable concrete foundation for your building project, we are always here to help you.

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