Tips for planting spinach in my PlusNet Mini Tunnel

The need for individuals to plant their own fruits and vegetables have become more popular these days. The main attraction of planting your own fruits and vegetables in these modern days we live in is usually the organic health benefits and another big benefit is cost saving versus when buying from your local grocer. Our Plusnet mini tunnels are perfect for your plantation at your house or farm.

Planting Spinach

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable and is a great source of vitamins with various health benefits and it can grow perfectly in your PlusNet mini tunnel. Spinach can be a fragile plant and it is therefore immensely important that it is planted in a controlled environment such as a PlusNet mini tunnel because of all the benefits that our mini tunnels provide for your spinach plantation.


Tips for planting Spinach

  • Spinach needs about 6 weeks of cool weather from seed to harvest, and it will withstand a moderate frost. A Plusnet mini tunnel will provide just enough shade to let the friendly sunlight in that your spinach needs to grow while keeping the harmful direct sun rays out that will burn your spinach leaves. A Plusnet mini tunnel will also keep frost away from your spinach, thereby preventing frost-bite.
  • Spinach prefers consistently-moist soil. A Plusnet mini tunnel will improve water retention, thereby keeping your plantation’s soil moist for longer.
  • Control the temperature and humidity regularly inside your plantation. This can be done by opening and closing the ends of your Plusnet mini tunnel.
  • Plant your Spinach in springtime for the best results
  • Ensure there is enough fertile soil and fertilizer available for gardening in your plantation.
  • Prepare your spinach seedlings in advance.
  • Harvest your spinach as soon as they are ready to ensure the best taste and many healthy advantages.


Benefits of PlusNet Mini Tunnel for growing Spinach

  • Our mini tunnels will prevent infestations of insects and unwanted predators such as birds or other animals
  • Our PlusNet mini tunnels will assist with climate control for your spinach to ensure no frost or excessive water and sunlight damage your spinach plantation
  • The shade net in our mini tunnels will keep hail, snow, and ice rain away from plants and products. Any of these conditions could wipe out your entire crop in extreme occurrences
  • You can choose what size mini tunnel you want to install based on your general requirements and the need for planting spinach. Our mini tunnels are supplied in 3 different sizes: 5m wide x 6m long for general household use, 5m wide x 10m long wide for a medium-sized family & 5m wide x 12m long for a big family, or for a small business.


Contact us today at PlusNet to get your mini tunnel for installation so you can begin your spinach plantation and use your green fingers to produce the perfect vegetables for your family or business, we provide our mini tunnels to ensure our clients get what they desire.

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