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Shade Nets are an extremely important requirement when it comes to growing plants. All plants are different and require different methods of caring to ensure proper growth and vitality of the plants.

There are plants that require a low temperature to grow and other that require high temperatures. The same goes for some plants that require a lot of sunlight and others that require a lot of shade.

Shade Nets protect plants that require a certain spectrum of shade from sun damage. Shade Nets also protects plants against insects, unsettling weather circumstances, and flying predators.

These Shade Netting methods also ensure that a certain humidity is maintained in the planting area as per the requirements of the plants, and this is something you can control and adjust as required.

We provide two types of Shade Netting in South Africa. Our products at PlusNet are of the highest quality and we pride ourselves therein.

The two types of Shade Netting that we provide are PlusNet Agricultural Shade Netting (Agri+) and PlusNet Decorative Shade Netting (Deco+).

These Shade Nets can be used for various reasons and types of plants, depending on the requirements that you have and based on what the plants need.

Our PlusNet Agri+ Shade Nets have a low percentage shade coverage to ensure that certain plants still get the required sunlight to grow sufficiently without getting direct sunlight which can damage the plants.

Both our Agri+ and Deco+ Shade Nets can also be used to protect your plantation from hail, rain, snow, storm, and wind damage.

There are numerous benefits for using PlusNet Shade Nets to protect your plantation, whether it be against sunlight, pest, or harsh weather, our Shade Netting protects your plants against them all.

Browse our website or contact our team of experts at PlusNet today to find out more on the different types of Shade Netting that we provide, and how our PlusNet products can help you.

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