Shade net protects your valuable agricultural investment in many ways

Greenhouse farming initially entailed glass houses with hydroponics systems to pro-long the production cycle and obtain even quality, amongst others. When shade net production came into being for car ports and other usages, all of a sudden the light went up for greens, berries, table grapes, cherries, citrus, figs, flowers and nut producers that required protection against the harsh South African sun, severe hail storms, wind chafing and birds.

Much research went in the different types and colours of shade net as it has a direct effect on the particular crop it covers. Today, PlusNet is one of the foremost shade net manufacturers that cater for agriculture, industry, homes and even camping equipment.

The percentage of a shade net denotes its translucency and its colour has an effect on a particular crop or application. PlusNet’s 40% shade net is specifically manufactured for the agricultural sector and is more suitable for all vegetable types.

The darker the net, the more shade it provides. Most plants do not fare well under darker nets as there is diffused sunlight, so very little photosynthesis takes place which means little growth. Under a 40% net, depending on the colour, various types of fresh produce grow and produce excellent.

Advantages of Undercover Fruit Farming

Covering orchards with low-percentage shade nets, like PlusNet’s 20% agricultural shade net can significantly improve the performance of the orchard / vineyard. Part of the responses can be attributed to the filtering of the light spectrum by the nets, and part is due to physical protection and creating a friendlier micro-climate. Improved external fruit quality is insured because of less sun burns and wind scars, smoother skin and better colouring. Furthermore, the low percentage shade nets reduce heat/chill stresses, offer enhanced photosynthesis and, importantly, better/less water usage.

PlusNet products offer hazard Protection which include protection from excessive solar radiation, protection from environmental hazards (wind, hail, sand-storms and ice rain) and protection from flying pests (birds, fruit bats and insects).

Every roll of PlusNet shade net carries a ten year guarantee against sun degradation. For further information on your particular shade net requirements, please get in touch with PlusNet at 011-412 3954 or at

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