Importance of using a certified Shade Net provider

Shade Nets are used to protect harvests from weather damage and flying pests, and to assist with climate control.

The quality of Shade Nets depends on the quality protocols and standards that the Shade Net manufacturer follows to create their Shade Nets, it is, therefore, extremely important that the Shade Net provider is certified to provide quality Shade Netting.

What does it mean to be certified in Shade Netting?

The South African National Standards Act defines the approved guidelines and quality that products should be manufactured with to provide quality assurance to consumers buying these products.

SANS 1703 refers to the protocols that Shade Net manufacturers should follow to provide the best quality product for their consumers.

At PlusNet we are SANS 1703 certified which means that our Shade Netting is designed and produced according to strict quality protocols adhering to the SANS Act to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our Shade Net products.

Our PlusNet Shade Netting is not only certified nationally through SANS but also internationally certified through the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) relating to quality management (ISO 9001) which means that our Shade Net quality meets strict quality measures at a global level. ISO 9001 refers to meeting the criteria for quality management relating to consumers, products, and the business.

This means that not only is our Shade Nets of the highest quality, but our business functions and operations, also meet the ISO 9001 quality standards.

We pride ourselves in our high-quality Shade Nets that we provide to our clients, and we will ensure that these quality assurance protocols are followed continuously throughout the years as we always have, to meet our clients’ expectations.

Contact us today at PlusNet or browse our website for more information on our quality promise and certified Shade Netting that we provide to our clients. We are here to ensure that you get the products that you require to ensure that your harvests are protected because we know the importance thereof.

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