Everything You Need to Know About Agri Shade Nets

HDPE is the primary material used in knitting Agri shade nets. Both agricultural shade nets and decorative shade nets use HDPE as the base fabric. In agriculture, they provide maximum shade to prevent direct sunlight that hinders the health of some plants.

Other uses of agricultural shade nets include protection from:

  1. Heavy rains.
  2. Hefty winds.
  3.  Hailstorms.
  4. Very strong sun.


The Different Types of Agri Shade Nets

HDPE is a polythene fabric used in manufacturing shade nets. It is classified according to the density of the material which usually varies from 10% to 90%. The percentage classification denotes the amount of sunlight that is prevented from entering through the net. For example, a fabric with 70% density allows only 30% of sunlight to pass through.

How Agricultural Shade Nets and Decorative Shade Nets Benefit Farmers

In short, it increases the profit of produce growers. Better protection to the crops reduces wastage which in turn spirals productivity. The combination of the two factors naturally increases profits.

The Perfect Shade Net for My Plants

Plants use a process called photosynthesis to use sunlight to cook the nutrients received through their roots and use it for growth and maintenance. Most plants engage in photosynthesis using sunlight both direct and indirect depending on the genus and species they belong to. Shade nets should be able to provide ambiance for flawless photosynthesis bracing. Agriculture specialists prefer shade nets with a density of 20% to stimulate this environment. This suits most nurseries and greenhouses.

Different Types Shade Net Structures for Agriculture

A good shade net nursery or greenhouse can be built by fixing the right material onto a structure built using steel, bamboo, wood, or iron pipes. There are two types of shade net houses:

Flat Roof Shade House: This usually comes in handy during summer when the necessity to prevent extreme sunlight is more. Infection from pests and diseases also increase during this period. This Agri shade net house provides the right amount of sunlight for photosynthesis. It maintains adequate amounts of Carbon Dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature to ensure the well-being of the plants.

Dome Shaped Shade House: This is a very easy-to-maintain net house due to its ingenious design. The installation process is simple and does not require specialized labor.

Selecting the Right Brand for Your Agri Requirements

You should put in your effort to select from a wide array of agricultural shade nets and decorative shade nets.

  1. Choose a manufacturer recommended by users.
  2. The material should be light.
  3. Select the Agri shade net only after checking its durability.
  4. Get firsthand information regarding the installation process.
  5. It should provide good temperature control while the shade should be effective for good plant health.

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